About Us

Origin Software is a Malaysia owned software solution provider, with our headquarters in Suntech Penang and both manufacturing and sales site in China. We founded since 2004 and has been providing services to varies of China customers 14 years back.

Founded by our director, Mr. Ong Yan Fei who has strong technical background; we emphasized strongly at the system stability. We believe that an excellent product is the one with consistent performance that comes with minimum downtime and provide maximum yield.

Our Debit Card Management solution offers the option of a cashless environment, eliminating the use of tokens and paper tickets. Customers can purchase e-tokens, accumulate e-tickets on their cards, and make all of their transactions using their play cards. With each visit, customers can have their balance checked at a smart card terminal or at the service counter. We also offer parking solution as part of our solution for various theme park and residential area in china.

Our Debit Card Management Solution has been widely used in China and been receiving a lot of positive feedback from customers as well as recommended with word of mouth. Now, as a true Malaysian ourselves, we sincerely hope to be able to promote our service in Malaysia and make Malaysia a better and smarter place to live.

HQ in Suntech Penang
Sales office in China


By 2021, we will be the biggest hardware and software solution provider for Smart City, implement the Internet of Things (IoT) concept into our daily lives.


Promote Malaysia to be one of the advanced countries with the help of our experience in various IoT features, e-wallet, member management system that installed in multiple scenic spots, parks, shopping malls as well as community in China.

Core Values

  • Customer First

    We emphasize at giving the best user experience to customers. Extra attention is given at designing the user interface as well as the navigating system. For us, a management system that brings optimum benefits to our customers, is the management system that worth investing.

  • System Stability

    Involving in the E-Money industry, it’s very important to have a stable and reliable system in order to avoid any possible discrepancy happen. Our great system stability and consistency can certainly live up to the security need of your business.

  • >2000
    Customer Base
  • >50,000
    System Installed
  • 24/7
  • Networking communication in WIFI/BLE/2G/NBIOT
  • RFID ISO 14443 A / Mifare
  • Theme Park/Residential/Mall Parking integration
  • Wechat/Alipay Users/Stores/loyalty and social media
  • Payment Kiosk/Membership Kiosk/Advertisement kiosk/Various Kiosk
  • Theme park/residential/Mall Access & Crowd Control with QR/Finger Print/RFID/Face Recognition
  • Wechat/Alipay/UnionPay Mobile Payment integration solution
  • Hybrid/Cloud Base membership solution
  • IoT Payment Device

Robust theme park complete solution

We provide the part and parcel for themepark as well as any business nature that require Online/Offline transactions. From entering/exit gate control, ticketing machine, redemption kiosk to the total Ticket Management System, we have our established expertise to enhance your process.

Strong and dedicated technical team members who focus in designing the most up-to-date and user friendly machine. As aligned to our core values, Customer and System Stability always Come First. We never ceased to enhance our product performance and capability ensuring the best customer experience together with satisfaction.

Product Range

We are experienced and capable in providing a total solution for Offline to Online transaction that include both hardware and software design.

As you look through the product range that we covered, it is a completely off the shelf product that could be the turnkey solution immediately applies to your business. In the meantime, we provide customisation in our products (both hardware and software) in order to satisfy our customer needs as well as following with the latest market trend.

Ticket Management System

Off the shelf software solution ready for immediate use.
Equipped with Administrative programme to keep track of business record and alert ticket triggering.
Customisation available based on customer requirement.

Gate System

Custom gate outlook design.
Equipped with barcode scanner and ID recognition feature.

Hardware Solution

  • Smart Payment Kiosk

  • Ticket Counter

  • Dual Screen PC

  • Multipurpose Ticketing Kiosk

  • Complete Payment System

  • Token/Ticket Counter

  • Fully Automated Ticket Withdrawal & Deposit Machine

  • Mini Token Dispenser


Exisiting Project

We have been working closely with Sunshine Penang to develop their Parking Management System with License Plate Recognition system. The whole project will be developed in a few different stages. As all of the stages completed, the major highlights of the project are as below:

  • Car Plate Number is Recognized and Recorded Upon Entering & Exit

  • >90% Accuracy in License Plate Recognition

  • Parking Ticket is Not Needed Anymore. User Make Payment by Entering the Car Plate Number

  • Interactive Mobile Application to Build Stronger Bond Between Consumers & Merchant
    Share Latest Promotion as well as Help in Parking Navigation

  • Moving towards Cashless Society
    Users able to Pay by E-Wallet